National Press Day was celebrated at the Indian Journalist Association office in Dumariyaganj


A seminar was organized on the occasion of National Press Day at the Indian Journalist Association office located in Dumariaganj, in which Tehsil President Rajesh Yadav said that National Press Day is being celebrated with great pomp in the whole country, in this episode, like in previous years, this year also the office But celebrated. He said that it is one of the national days celebrated in India. The day signifies the presence of a free and responsible press. National Press Day is celebrated every year on ’16 November’. National Press Day draws our attention to the freedom and responsibilities of the press. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the importance of freedom of the press. The same patron Mehndi Rizvi said that this day talks about the commitment to uphold and respect the freedom of expression. Alerting the world to the importance of freedom of the press, this day states that the media plays an important role in protecting and restoring the values ​​of democracy. The same media in-charge Devi Prasad said that the freedom of the press in India is ensured by the fundamental right of ‘Freedom of Expression’ (Right to Expression) given to Indians in Article-19 of the Indian Constitution.
In fact, the First Press Commission had envisioned a Press Council with the aim of protecting the freedom of the press in India and setting high ideals in journalism. As a result, the Press Council was established in India on July 4, 1966, which started its formal work from November 16, 1966. Since then every year 16 November is celebrated as ‘National Press Day’.
All journalists including Mohammad Shahid, Shailendra Dubey, Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Safayat Ali, Alok Srivastava were present on this occasion.

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